Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Patrika Connect - Community Engaging , Actions and Volunteerism visible

Patrika Connect campaign is moving fast in Kota, Indore, Bhopal and yesterday Bhilwara also joined with the launch of 7 Patrika Connect offices.
We have a team of socially motivated people who have pledged to work in the interest of community and make their ward an operating ground for democracy and development. Solving ward problems, grilling the machinery and moving ahead for visible change with people participation is the key agenda.
Innovations and Initiatives are welcome.
Kota is showing fast pace with already 15 wards in action mode with a team of volunteers working as a part of larger network of Media Action Group.
An initiative of preparing a list of Doctors in the city ready to offer their services and consultancy for Patrika Connect and  recent one gearing up to have a list of people ready to donate blood in crisis and making the list online --- it speed up the process of searching donors and bridge the gap between the donors and the needy. Soon to have a panel of advocates in Kota who shall volunteer for legal services for community needs.
In Indore the Right to Education ( aao padhayein sabko padhayein) campaign is gaining ground.Trying to ensure as much admissions and build pressure with the involvement of Patrika Connect. 

Miles to Go still. ......

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