PATRIKA CONNECT (PC) - Learning and Outcome Commentary

Core: ward sufficiency, democracy and development by building team of volunteers in each ward
Campaign Locus: 3 states – Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh
Strategy: Opening ward offices in each district touched by Patrika, building teams of volunteers ( above political and religious interests) to engage people and trigger action for community benefits;
Ward Sufficiency in handling problems
Learning ground for Democratic way of living, solving, achieving and progressing
Innovative ways of action, change and community connections
Ground level interventions and building processes
Leading public movement on the issues demanding action and attention
Generating interest in ward problems and publishing wall newspaper for public participation
Making a checklist of issues for public voting in the ward for selecting and prioritizing  the issues  ( rate number 1-5 in order of priority)
Monthly meeting of ward core teams at a venue ( or at patrika office) for sharing and updating the progress
1.Water (tackling issues of - wastage, leakage, misuse of booster - pump, conservation etc).
2.Electricity ( tackling issues of - power consumption, renewable energy, road lights, misuse etc)
3.Road and Civic Amenities( tackling issues of - damage, speed breakers, water logging in rains, safety etc)
4 Health ( tackling issues of -services at govt dispensary, treatment at private clinics, need for counseling etc)
5.Hygiene ( tackling issues of - garbage disposal, polythene usage, cleanliness of sewage lines, drainage etc)
6.Safety ( ( tackling issues of - of girls within and outside homes, eve teasing, harassment, old age people, women, registration of servants rights of children, women, old age people, tenants, vendors, poor people, pension to poor etc etc)
7.Education ( ( tackling issues of - education of poor child, problems at government as well as private schools and academic institutions etc)
8.Crime ( tackling issues of - nuisance elements, safety of old age living alone, regular police patrolling, knowledge of helpline etc) 
9. Rights ( tackling issues of -consumer rights, child rights, rights of poor and disadvantaged, etc)
10. Disaster ( ( tackling issues of - crisis, calamity and disaster) 
11.Other ....................................................................................

Outcome (so far):
PC office and team of volunteers ( MAG) in wards have emerged into:
· Kota (22 PC offices), Bhilwara ( 20 PC office), Banswara ( 7 PC office), Karauli ( 32 PC office) Rajasthan, Bharatpur (
·Bhopal (21 PC offices), Indore (11 PC offices), Jabalpur (20 PC offices), Gwalior (10 PC offices) - (MP)
·Raipur (58 PC offices- with nomenclature as Patrika Ward Karyalaya) - (Chhattisgarh)
Buzz created in the wards through activities and innovations at different places; Councilors are feeling ( and also fearing) the pressure of media scanner and power of the people to contribute constructively; Kota division adopts 5 villages and conducting child tracking for 100% enrollment agenda; online databank of blood donors ready in many wards, doctors and advocates volunteer for specialized services to PC; Parks are being activated as community spaces to organize medical, blood donation, yoga camps, discussion activities begin here with the installation of a black board in the parks; education campaigns have also been taken up by the wards;organizes UID camps Indore has done excellent work on child education campaign with maximum number of applications reaching the private schools and each ward taking responsibility of education of the poor and PC MAG volunteers now launched Safai ka Mahabhiyan ( cleanliness drive); Bhopal launching 2D ( 2 daughters) clubs in PC and taking up a women issues; Jabalpur launches with keen interest being expressed by the local councilors to be a part, people construct road on their own, Karauli organizes UID camps and join people for education awareness.....
Dr Shipra Mathur 
Division Head, Media Action Group ( MAG) 

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