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1st August, 2011

4000+ enrolled through the campaign, now its the turn of the society to join hands and support the poor kids access good education...nothing can be more satisfying than educating the deprived. Our correspondents and MAG team has been still tracking the children, deprived, poor and beyond the reach of official machinery. Sharing with them the benefits of education and RTE, raising hope for future and pursuing them for enrollment. Its no less an achievement that upon sharing, the societies where sending girls to school was a taboo, nomads who never cared or thought of educating their wards, far flung areas where schools are beyond reach, slums where there were no system to rope those who would fend for themselves by rag picking....are all now in our reach and in school...we shall inspire more and keep the journey meaningful and fulfilling. 

KUDOS to our team who made it possible by sheer passion. 



12 July,2011

1900+ children enrolled through campaign

Such high spirits, so well executed by our team of reporters, so much to explore and expose yet. Education campaign has proved to be a milestone and only a newspaper with so high credibility, so big network and so powerful reader base could pursue this cause. The figures now include enrollment drive in government schools also), as the next phase of campaign now reaches to government schools and Patrika Connect ( more than 200 offices with more than 1000 volunteers) also joins in campaign,  apart from other unique ward initiatives ...soon to extend the reach further

1. He was the first reporter to have ever reached that village, people didn't know about RTE but knew Kulishji
Karauli: With enrollment figure touching 765, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan ( SSA) endorses our campaign and prepares 200+ banners for the entire region with logo of our campaign, conceptualized by us, to be diplayed through our network across Karauli district in the interior to touch Panchayat Samitis, The district team has worked exceptionally well, though they picked the campaign at later stage but reached far ahead of other editions by sheer energy and passion. The team has followed all the guidelines passed to them and done live reporting, built volunteer network, engaged district administration, generated resources to sustain the campaign, used drumbeats to create a momentum for the education of poor, and today shared live reporting by staff reporter Dinesh who reached in a  remote village and spent a night to awaken the villagers about the education act ( RTE) and importance of education in life.....where he was the first reporter to have reached ever and people knew patrika and the name of Kulishji......shall soon read reportaz on here ..tomorrow.... 

Children Enrolled ( so far documented with us, we have list of these children): Karauli: 765; Bhilwara: 114; Doongarpur: 659; Kota division ( Kota, Boondi, Baran, Jhalawar): 230; Sawai Madhopur: 110; Indore: 80, Jabalpur: 40 ( other editions yet to reveal and collate)
Sawai Madhopur enrolls 110 children in private schools, mobilizes action
DEO issue deadline of a week for private schools for compliance of 25% reservation for poor more on main page 
Kota division ( Kota, Boondi, Baran, Jhalawar) enrolls 230 children and includes nomads and tribal ( Sehariya, Gadiya Lohar ) whose generations have never ever been to schools...11 villages adopted for 100% enrollment....Patrika Connect see interesting outcome like camps for Unique identity more on main page 

 More to hear from other editions soon.....



Monday, 11 July 2011

Doongarpur: : 582 poor children reach school, govt school gets 1,40,000 donation

535 children admitted in Doongarpur, MP donates 90,000 and district admin 50,000 for uplift of govt school today

11 o clock, 11 July, 2011, admission of 111
was the target, and today we crossed the target to touch 185 children admitted in a government school in a single school, single day. With this total children ( in private and government schools both) admitted through the campaign reaches to 585.
An awareness rally for education of the poor and disadvantaged also flagged off with approx 1000 children participating at 14 different points in the city. Plantation drive ( 1,40,000 plants) also coincided with the rally.
The government school in which this admission drive was held, the elected representatives MP, MLA, DEO, BEO, Pradhaan ...and all dignitaries of the district were present. And the best part was the MP Tarachand Bhagora donates Rs 90,000 and district administration Rs 50,000 for the infrastructure and maintenance of the school building.
Our Team who executed the campaign so wonderfully:

  • Milan Sharma
  • Deepak Sharma
  • Varun Bhatt
  • Mahaveer Singh
  • RE: Arvind Mohan Sharma( Banswara edition)
We have an authentic list of all the children tracked and admitted in schools. Getting support of the affluent mass. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Child Tracking in Karauli - authentic list with us, discrepansies in government list

2 year child matures to 12 years in government list, we traced and tracked 
Dhol Nagada ( Trumpet Calls) - traditional method of communication to be used for mass awareness drive for education of the poor

The drop outs and out of school children status in Karauli is 29138. Sunil Jain ( campaign leader) shares  that the way it is being tackled by the government machinery is pathetic. In a meeting of city women ( approx 80 ) some of the school teachers revealed how child tracking conducted by the government is a fake. The list is being prepared after informal interaction with the local people, without actual survey. Our team found one 2 year children who had an entry in the government list as a child of 12 yrs age. Also, most of the drop outs have been referred above than their actual age to keep the task easy. Interestingly, the child statistics and an authentic set of list of all the children tracked by Patrika, could not be challenged by the government. And, now the District administration is also keen to join us in our campaign as we have better reach, better network, better intention and systematic approach to work. Karauli is spreading this drive with banners all across the district and pachayat samitis and planning to organize a Dhol Nagada call ( traditional method of communication) to make people aware about their rights and responsibilities.
Well done Karauli.


Education Campaign ( editorial + ground interventions) and Patrika Connect ( ward offices and teams of volunteers) to push for our social agenda. Have a glimpse of work and progress ( seek comments and suggestions)
See Blog : http//


PC office and team of volunteers ( MAG) have emerged into:( growing each day)
· Kota (19 PC offices), Bhilwara ( 20 PC offices), Banswara ( 7 PC offices), Karauli ( 32 PC offices)  (Rajasthan) 
·Bhopal (10 PC offices), Indore (4 PC offices), Jabalpur (2 PC offices, initial meets for all wards), Gwalior (10 PC offices) - (MP)
·Raipur (58 PC offices- with nomenclature as Patrika Ward Karyalaya) - (Chhattisgarh)
Buzz created in the wards through activities and innovations at different places; Councilors are feeling ( and also fearing) the pressure of media scanner and power of the people to contribute constructively; Kota division adopts 5 villages and conducting child tracking for 100% enrollment agenda; online databank of blood donors ready in many wards, doctors and advocates volunteer for specialized services to PC; Parks are being activated as community spaces to organize medical, blood donation, yoga camps, discussion activities begin here with the installation of a black board in the parks; education campaigns have also been taken up by the wards; Karauli really moving fast for now education agenda is priority,  our logo to appear on SSA banners, mass awareness drive, Collector and MP are keen to be a part of our campaigns , a huge team of volunteers network emerges, Indore has done excellent work on child education campaign with maximum number of applications reaching the private schools and each ward taking responsibility of education of the poor and PC MAG volunteers now launched Safai ka Mahabhiyan ( cleanliness drive); Bhopal launching 2D ( 2 daughters) clubs in PC; Jabalpur launches with keen interest being expressed by the local councilors to be a part
( Come let us teach and work for the rise of all) 
  •  Launched on 25th April, 2011, now the wind up phase  and the follow up and monitoring phase begins with government schools next on agenda
  • 3 states, 77 districts; Team: 60 reporters, 63 social organizations, more than 600 MAG volunteers
·         2000 + admissions (as of now, the number keep growing each day) through our direct intervention, we triggered admissions of more than 20,000 children in MP, approx 25,000 children in Chhatisgarh;  (government data, still in being processed), and the figure to appear by 31st July in Rajasthan. CM, Government of Rajasthan flags off the enrollment drive in Rajasthan ( 1st July,2011)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Aao Padhyein Sabko Badhayein ( Come let us teach and work for the rise of all); the campaign bring the poor and marginzlized to the classrooms of their choice, in neighbourhood

Bags full of fortune, Bottles full of learning
Poor also deserve Good Schools
Happy to share outcome of the campaign, bringing smiles on the faces of the poor and marginalized all across wherever we reached. needy and have nots are not only unaware about rights but are not being accessed by the official machinery to let them avail of the policy benefits. we could do it by sheer will and network of the patrika group by associating socially concerned citizens. 
Indore, Kota, Karauli, Bhilwara and Doongarpur editions do excellent work for the campaign with different communication approaches and ideas- maximum number of poor children feel the excitement of school bells with bags of fortune in these regions.
though miles to go...and yet to raise more pertinent issues of education for the poor. Some questions still loom large--- how the poor will sustain in private school environment? how they will bear basic minimum recurring expenses on studies? how they will cope up with the high standards of studies? We shall keep the media scanner on...and keep reporting.
Soon to launch a new campaign by the end of July for quality education in government schools with community participation, school management committees needs to be functional and community needs to be is already in action mode...

PATRIKA-MAG campaign
Aao Padhyein Sabko Badhayein ( Come let us teach and work for the rise of all) 
·         Launched on 25th April,2011
·         Campaign Locus: 3 states, 77 districts; Team: 60 reporters, 63 social organizations, more than 600 MAG volunteers
·         583 + admissions (as of now) through direct intervention, more than 20,000 children in MP, approx 25,000 children in Chhattisgarh government data, still in the process of compilation), and the figure to appear by 31st July in Rajasthan. CM, Government of Rajasthan flags off the enrolment drive in Rajasthan ( 1st July,2011)
Core: Massive campaign to focus on the Issue of 25% reservation in private schools of poor and disadvantaged as part of provisions in right to free and compulsory elementary education act
Strategy: through team of Media Action Group (MAG) volunteers and patrika reporters engaged local ngos (with community and media action group) to identify out of school children in the vicinity of the private schools (Child Tracking); sought admissions and fought for their rights and against malpractices; stories in all respective additions of PATRIKA under common campaign name and logo covering the experiences, attitude of the school and authorities, view point and challenges with version of the competent authorities school representatives; making the campaign sustainable with responsibility sharing with community and volunteers ( concept of volunteers build at ward levels named as Patrika Connect); inviting Anupam Kher to mobilize the campaign to Patrika office to interact with concerned citizens and civil society and volunteers.
Outcome (so far): 583+ admissions ( number soon to go up as we finalize documentation) through direct intervention ( have list of the beneficiaries); as we triggered the agenda more than 25,000 poor children ( officially) admitted in private schools in MP; approx 20,000 in Chhattisgarh; and figure yet to emerge in Rajasthan ( after 31st July); Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan officials offer appreciation, district collectors join hands and ward councilors pledge for the cause, MP and MLAs also join the cause as it helps them earn goodwill of the electorates; Bhilwara launched a massive drive to engage local riches (Bhamashahas) who have been supporting the poor children for education accessories and facilitated opening of a school Stay Home (under the government scheme) for 114 deprived children identified by us; the affluent people and social organizations in the districts come forward for charity and share responsibility of children and adopt them for support; 6 villages adopted ( 5 in Kota division and 1 in Bhopal) for 100% enrollment agenda; Karauli gets the support of Collector who joins Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan with our campaign floating 200 banners in the districts using logo of Patrika campaign as it becomes brand now and district administration under immense pressure to perform as Patrika campaign is generating more results than theirs admits 57children on 1st July; administration now join our team in Karauli to track children in Panchayat Samitis and City wards and the affluent citizens adopts children for education support; Doongarpur identified 54 deprived children and targeting to admit 111 children on 11th July at 11 am and affluent mass come forward to support in kind; In Sikar the campaign earns the attention and district collector deputes bloc level in charges to ensure the implementation and awareness.
Indore has done excellent work on the campaign with maximum number of applications reaching the private schools and getting 60+ children admitted so far and exposing the malpractices in the name of 25% reservation, and the riches encroaching upon the reserved seats on fake documents;
Patrika Connect ( ward level programme for democracy, development and community volunteering in all 3 states with a range of 50-80 ward in each city to have PC offices all across with a huge team of MAG ) has begun taking up the education agenda at ward levels.
On 1st July, 2011 the CM of Rajasthan flags off the school enrollment campaign in the state….innovations going on in our campaign
The next phase starts in July for government schools (quality education and active volunteering by the community)

Friday, 17 June 2011

Engaging and Gearing up for ACTION

Its so good to hear from community sources that the people are quite charged up for this new role and responsibility as MAG volunteers. We have kept it beyond politics and beyond religion. Gradually want to see these wards enjoying larger participation of women folks, not less than 33%.
As the agenda is: 
Ward Sufficiency in handling problems and transforming these wards into learning grounds for democratic way of living, solving, achieving and progressing. Its quite interesting to watch
Innovative ways of action, change and community connections.
Some ground level interventions are already visible with professionals coming to the fore to serve selflessly for humanity. Doctors have offered free service, Blood donors are queuing up for ready availability in times of crisis with online details of blood group availability and accessibility. Advocates have pledged to offer legal services for community. Community Parks are being visited by the people as some wards have taken up LIVE PARK as an agenda to engage and awaken masses about Health and Harmony, besides engaging them for community problems.  
Beyond that, now MAG volunteers extending their role to child education and then soon to other critical issues of concern including the girl child and women issues.
Wall newspaper is on the anvil, planning to launch Discussion Forum through our own team of volunteers who shall also monitor the government schools on given parameters. 
School Management Committee is next on agenda, hope to crack bottlenecks.
MAG is now at KOTA, BANSWARA, BHILWARA, INDORE and BHOPAL.......shall soon see the network expanding. With the existing team and a force of Patrika reporters, we shall move with more vigor on social agenda.
Hope to see measurable change and make meaningful contributions!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Government Schools soon in Focus of our Campaign

Now after pushing for the admission of poor and disadvantaged children in private schools, which was really tough and only with media power we could make some headway .........and have yet to see the actual progress, we now look forward to improving the standards and contributing meaningfully to government schools.
The plan of action will soon be visible. We seek as many supporters and as many volunteers....this as a part of our duty to the nation.
Media is playing its role as a conscientious citizen, and expects power of the readers to translate into actions for social good.
Suggestions and Comments are welcome. Can write to us on -
We shall soon be visible on facebook. 


Panel of Advocates in KOTA - to offer legal service to Patrika Connect, Indore Gear up for Education campaign

So After Docs its the turn of Advocates to offer advocacy to the needy. We have a list of advocates in KOTA who have consented to be a part of Patrika Connect to  take up the community issues to the right route and if need arise, move to the court with PILs to set things right, build pressure on the government machinery for action....Kudos. Kota is all ready with fast expanding network of Media Action Group with 15 ward functional.
As the month of July gets closer, the focus on the agenda of education sharpens, Shall soon see real ground intervention for education, and see the results of earlier efforts  under the campaign - Aao PAdhaayein, Sabko Badhayein., in July admission status. Pankhuri in Indore is keeping track of admissions of poor children, as the last date of lottery draws closer, 20th June being the final announcement of admissions. Hope child tracking bear good results. But, this is just a beginning.
We will keep our scanner on, with the work force of MAG volunteers.
We are all Geared up!


Patrika Connect - Community Engaging , Actions and Volunteerism visible

Patrika Connect campaign is moving fast in Kota, Indore, Bhopal and yesterday Bhilwara also joined with the launch of 7 Patrika Connect offices.
We have a team of socially motivated people who have pledged to work in the interest of community and make their ward an operating ground for democracy and development. Solving ward problems, grilling the machinery and moving ahead for visible change with people participation is the key agenda.
Innovations and Initiatives are welcome.
Kota is showing fast pace with already 15 wards in action mode with a team of volunteers working as a part of larger network of Media Action Group.
An initiative of preparing a list of Doctors in the city ready to offer their services and consultancy for Patrika Connect and  recent one gearing up to have a list of people ready to donate blood in crisis and making the list online --- it speed up the process of searching donors and bridge the gap between the donors and the needy. Soon to have a panel of advocates in Kota who shall volunteer for legal services for community needs.
In Indore the Right to Education ( aao padhayein sabko padhayein) campaign is gaining ground.Trying to ensure as much admissions and build pressure with the involvement of Patrika Connect. 

Miles to Go still. ......