Saturday, 10 September 2011

Jaago Re - Wake Up Call for Watchdogs, Citizens and Policy Makers

Jaago Re is a special supplement brought out by Patrika Raipur, Chattisgarh (CG) edition. We have been able to have our team of volunteers in 58 wards of CG working on the agenda of citizen connect for democracy and development. Media Action Group (MAG) special wing embedded in Patrika is conceptualizing, mobilizing and catalyzing change with active media intervention. Ward volunteers of MAG-Patrika have been emerging as key Changemakers in the district and the municipal government is also alert about their demands. Development initiatives have also been proving a trigger to strengthen grassroots democracy. 
We have been able to build a vast network of ward level teams to work in cohesion and be the change agents. Sarita has been coordinating the activities in Raipur. Jabalpur is taken care of by PS Tiwari, Indore by Pankhuri, Bhopal by Shailendra, Kota by Ranjeet, Karauli by Sunil and the list goes on.....Hope to share more in coming weeks. Education campaign is soon to see further meaningful initiatives.
Also launching MAG clubs in wards, institutions, communities, resident societies ...preparing a team of volunteers to connect them to ground intervention...big task possible to accomplish with the power and passion of team.

Shipra Mathur

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